Black Bay Islanders Improvement Association is a Non-profit Organization that was founded in 2007, to preserve the legacy and culture of the English speaking, Afro-Hondurans in the Bay Islands of Honduras.




1.     Create, direct, execute and evaluate projects, programs and activities of development in order to better the socio-economical and cultural levels of the inhabitants of Bay Island spf public and private Institutions, National and International organisms.


2.     Recruit, train and organize community group in order to fight against unemployment, drug abuse, and the deterioration of the quality of life and massive migration of Islanders to other lands.


3.     Emphasize the importance of self-care in the prevention of disease, sickness, or illness; and the restoration and conservation of health, through educational campaign and workshop.


4.     Maintain safe and clean communities around the Bay IslandIslands of Honduras



1.     Educate and guide the young population to participate to a greater degree in the socio-cultural and political arenas for the improvement of the Bay Islandls.


2.     Agitate in a non-violent manner for the respect of human rights, helping our people to recover and maintain ownership of their properties.


3.     Provide medical-dental assistance through dental-medical teams from the National Health System and International bodies.


4.     Assist and organize women in contributing to community development.


5. Maintain a continual cleaning system in each community around the Bay Island of Honduras, in order to live in a healthier environment.  

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